Alaska Rottweiler Rescue & Referral

Alaska Rottweiler Rescue & Referral

April 9, 2014

Due to lack of use, this site will be expiring on May 21, 2014

The intent behind this site is to help find new permanent homes for Rottweilers that are being displaced.  Please note: At this time, there are *no foster homes* available, so I have no way of taking in Rottweilers; however, I am occassionally contacted by people that want to adopt.
Information is provided on the "INFORMATION" tab above to help you, the owner, locate the best home for your dog... not just the quickest.

RESCUE GROUPS IN ALASKA:  Feel free to send me info on a Rottweiler you have in foster care.  I'd be happy to list them here!

**If you are experiencing behavioral issues with your dog, please consider contacting a reputable trainer to help address issues before attempting to re-home your dog.

ADOPTERS:  If you'd like to adopt a Rottweiler in need, send an email to:  info at
Please provide a detailed description of your experience with Rottweilers or other large breeds; describe your living situation (rent, own / apartment, home / kids, etc...) and why you think you'd make the best home for a Rottweiler.  Also include what age range you are interested in adopting.  This information will be kept on file and passed on to individuals who email me about Rotties looking for a home.  If  you prefer NOT to have your info sent to someone, include that in the email and I will try to let the applicant know when I hear of a Rottie not listed on this site.

OWNERS:  In order to have your dog listed on this site, please send a current picture of your dog and provide the most complete information possible.  For example:

How old is he/she?
Is he/she crate trained?
Spayed/Neutered?  Health?
Good with other dogs/cats/kids?
Leash trained / Housebroken?
Has he/she ever bitten?
How does he/she behave when left alone?
What kind of funny things does he/she do?  =)
This information will let people know whether or not they want to make your dog a member of their family.
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